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Help Orgonite City become a reality

Orgonite City

A Scientific Heaven on Earth

Orgonite City is a grand experiment to test the effects of orgonite on a large scale. If a small piece of orgonite has been proven make freezing water defy gravity (upside-down icicle), or a bucket sized piece of orgonite proven to change cloud formations and bust chem-trails; what will a house sized piece of orgonite do, or a city of orgonite do. The mission is to make every chair, table, brick, sidewalk, etc. out of orgonite. This is an easy process, with a 3-D printer; a mold of any object can be made. Orgonite City will also be created on leylines to make it more powerful. If Orgonite City proves to have an incredible positive effect on humanity and weaken the illuminati black magic ritual power; it will be duplicated on every leyline. Get the free book by emailing If you would like to support this project, please click the donate button in the right column or buy some of our new orgonite technology. Thank you and may the universe bless you with love and light.

Help support the Orgonite City Mission by purchasing some of our newest orgonite technology. Click the above photo to view the Orgonite Technology Store!

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All information should be free, though a lot of time and research went into the writing of these books. A donation is not required but appreciated.